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Choose One of These Excellent Insurance Companies That Offer Cover for Divers

Diving Insurance

Diving is an exciting sport whereby participants get to see the wonders of the oceans and rivers of the world. As with any sport or pastime there can be dangers therefore it is necessary to ensure that we have adequate insurance cover just in case we have an accident or mishap. Taking out comprehensive diving insurance cover gives the diver peace of mind and the surety that whatever happens we will be taken care of. Let's take a look at some of the best diving insurance companies plus what they offer us in terms of cover.

Dive Master Insurance

Dive Master

Dive Master Insurance was established in the UK in 1987 and has grown considerably since its early days not only covering the UK and EU countries but also South East Asia, Mexico, Australasia and the Red Sea Area too. These diving insurance specialists offer cover packages for recreational divers, underwater film and media companies and scientific expeditions.


Among the amazing range of diving polices offered by DMI are

  • IDEC Scuba Dive Insurance (Dive Accident Cover)
  • Trip Travel and IDEC Insurance
  • Worldwide Diver Insurance
  • Diver Equipment Insurance
  • Annual Travel Insurance for Divers
  • Pro Diver Liability
  • Sport Diver Liability
  • Life Critical Illness and Income Protection
  • Scuba Pro

As any insurance provider will testify it is very important to ensure that the policy you decide on fits the bill in terms of the amount of cover you require. Cover for your diving equipment is always a good idea as paying out for replacements due to loss, accident or other damage can run up a tidy bill and it’s the last headache you want when you are thousands of miles from home!


In order to work out which policy is best for you why not take a look at the DMI Website which covers in detail just what each individual policy covers. After all if you plan to make a number of trips abroad over the year you will require a different policy than someone who is making one specialised trip and so on. Further details of how you would make a claim are also featured along with testimonials from happy customers!

  • Dive Master Insurance
  • 17-23 Rectory Grove
  • Leigh on Sea
  • Essex
  • SS9 2HA
  • Tele +44 (0) 1702 471892

Essential Travel Insurance

Essential Travel

Essential Travel has been offering insurance cover since 2001 and features a comprehensive list when it comes to covering sports including diving. It's easy to obtain a quote as the online application form is really straight forward and can be tailored to individual needs, while their policies can offer cover in the UK, Europe and Worldwide destinations. Exploring hidden depths with peace of mind is priceless but Essential Travel won't cost a fortune therefore are worthy of consideration for anyone participating in diving.


So, what does Essential Travel offer us divers in terms of policy cover? There are three choices namely single trip cover, annual trip cover and backpacker trip cover. Scuba diving cover is offered according to the grade of diving you want to take part in. The company also stipulates that divers must never dive unaccompanied as not only is it very dangerous to do so but it will also void your insurance cover. The two sports grades are

  • Sports Grade 2 which covers diving to thirty metres maximum depth
  • Sports Grade 3 which covers diving to fifty metres maximum depth

As with most insurance policies you are required to declare any ongoing medical conditions you may have, while specialist sports add-ons may also be bought depending on what you intend to do.

Essential Travel Image


Essential Travel advises all sports enthusiasts including divers to stick to the rules of the company you are diving with. Never dive alone and always use an accredited dive marshal if you are not a qualified diver yourself. Diving Insurance packages start at £24.12 per week, while an accurate quote is available at the website.

  • Essential Travel
  • Royal Oak Building
  • Hythe
  • Kent
  • CT21 4JA
  • Tele 0871 360 1368

World Nomads

World Nomads

World Nomads was established in 2002 and offers great travel insurance packages for those who are passionate about travel or wish to partake in more adventurous activities such as diving. Lonely Planet and National Geographic go with World Nomads as their number one choice which is quite a recommendation!


There are two types of cover which are standard or explorer. In order to take out one of World Nomads diving insurance policies there are a number of stipulations. First you must hold a valid scuba diving license, secondly if you don’t you must be diving under qualified supervision and thirdly dive no deeper than forty meters. Under World Nomads policies divers are covered for

  • Treatment in a decompression chamber if necessary. If a diver becomes seriously ill and needs to go inside a decompression chamber their insurance will cover it. The cover also includes evacuation by helicopter or repatriation expenses if required. Please visit the website for concise details.
  • Medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility
  • Overseas medical expenses for sudden illness or injury

Divers are not covered when participating in professional activities or if they expose themselves to unnecessary risks. Equipment that is hired is not covered either or search and rescue expenses. As an example two weeks cover for a person age 35 from the UK travelling to Thailand to dive will cost £45.95 Standard or £54.65 Explorer rate.

World Nomads Image


Why not head over to the World Nomads website to get a quote or contact the company to discuss exactly how much cover you require and for how long. A comprehensive list featuring what each individual policy covers for divers may be accessed at the website.

Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba

Simply Scuba has everything the enthusiastic diver requires including great diving insurance packages. Established in 1995 Simply Scuba is one of the most popular online companies supplying equipment at competitive prices, while divers will also find their diving policies also compare favourably to other providers. Many of their staff are scuba experts so really know what the average diver is looking for, while their store is also open seven days a week if you prefer hands on shopping.


Those who are seeking diving insurance are offered single and annual multi trip Adventure Insurance policies that are provided by Simply Scuba in conjunction with P J Hayman Company Limited who are insurance specialists. Their Adventures policy is tailored to provide extensive cover for divers while also offering peace of mind so divers can enjoy their experience without worrying.

Simply Scuba Shop

Simply Scuba Shop

Features of their policies include

  • Insurance cover for up to the age of 69
  • Full cover for diving
  • Three options 30m, 50m and 50+m (many insurers do not exceed 50m)
  • 24 hour emergency helpline
  • Tailor made cover
  • Search and rescue cover up to £50,000
  • 14 day money back guarantee


Instant quotes are available at Simply Scuba Online with no obligation to follow through. The online form is very brief taking but two minutes to fill in and as you proceed you with find a range of options that cater for different combinations of sports. This company also offers cover for those who wish to dive with sharks and covers any country worldwide except those who have a government travel warning against them.

  • Adventures Travel Insurance
  • P J Hayman Company Ltd
  • Stansted House
  • Rowlands Castle
  • Hampshire
  • PO9 6DX
  • Tele 02392 419 070

Divers Alert Network (United States and Canada Residents Only)

Divers Alert Network

Divers Alert Network or DAN as we will refer to them offers comprehensive diving insurance cover to all those divers who are members of their recreational scuba divers association. It is well worth joining DAN as it opens up a wealth of perks and diving cover that is second to none. Membership does cost, but money received goes toward diver safety research which can only be a good thing! The benefits of joining DAN include medical emergency evacuation assistance, subscription to their Alert Diver Magazine and also access to their diving insurance services.

Divers Alert Network Image


There are three plans available, all medical cost are covered following a diving accident, there are no mileage restrictions and DAN offers a 24 hour emergency helpline too. So, what are divers covered for? Dan Diving Insurance cover features include

  • Hyperbaric chamber treatment when recommended by a doctor
  • Physician's charges are covered along with any operations you may have to undergo
  • Ambulance services
  • Hospital charges
  • Accidental death and dismemberment due to a covered diving accident
  • Permanent and total disability
  • Extra transportation costs
  • Extra accommodation charges
  • Loss of diving equipment

As with all insurance policies customers need to read the small print carefully to ensure they are covered properly and have met the criteria required to obtain diving insurance. DAN also offer separate equipment cover that includes

  • Diving equipment
  • Cameras
  • Housings
  • Lenses
  • Strobes
  • Covers water damage
  • Replacement funds are provided not replacement equipment


Anyone who lives in Canada or America is able to take out a diving insurance policy with DAN. The company does not offer cover to those who live outside these two countries.

Tele +1-919-684-2948

Westfield Dive Insurance


Established since 1972, Westfield Sub Aqua and Marine Insurance Services Ltd specialise in diving insurance. This company believes in excellent customer service with advice provided by experts in their field. Westfield policies offer peace of mind for divers safe in the knowledge that should the worse happen they are fully covered by their diving insurance policy. There are policies for those diving in the UK or abroad, while there is a good selection of policies that cater for all kinds of needs.


Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance for the sports diver offers a top up policy for your personal life assurance policy. This policy does not cover medical expenses which are covered in the company's comprehensive Travel Insurance cover. Certain countries are not covered by this policy. Please visit the website for further details.

Technical Diving Insurance

This policy is suited to the diver who is qualified and is an experienced technical diver.

Equipment Insurance

There are many benefits to taking out insurance cover for your diving equipment. Westfield Equipment policies cover

  • Theft cover 7 days a week
  • Overnight cover of theft from such as car or other vehicle
  • Accidental damage
  • Accidental loss
  • Emergency jettison such as accidentally dropping your equipment
  • Full transit cover
  • Rebreathers and DPV cover
  • Underwater Camera equipment cover

There is a policy excess starting at £25.00 please see the website for more detail.

Westfield Image

Compressor Insurance

This type of cover is offered to clubs. Option 1 covers air compressors only, while Option 2 covers air compressor plus air receiver


Westfield Diving Insurance is a company based in Surrey that prides itself on the personal touch therefore any queries you may have regarding policies and what they offer specifically can be addressed via the telephone or email if you prefer. Recommended by the Sub Aqua Association Westfield has a wealth of experience when it comes to advising and providing its customers with great diving insurance policies.

  • Westfield Sub Aqua and Marine Insurance Services Ltd
  • Clasford Lodge
  • Clasford Farm
  • Aldershot Road
  • Guildford
  • Surrey
  • GU3 3HQ
  • Tele 01483 237827

Dive Assure

Dive Assure

Dive Assure has been dealing in diving insurance for sixteen years and is dedicated solely to offering diving insurance therefore offer the best policies and expertise we divers require from a good insurance company. Dive Assure offers Primary Insurance cover a unique factor to consider when searching for diving insurance. Primary insurance is not always offered by other insurance companies so please check before buying as Primary cover ensures faster pay-outs and much less hassle.

Dive Assure Image


All Dive Assures products may be tailored to the divers' individual needs. Their policies cover both diving at home and abroad, while cover may be taken out short term or an annual basis. Dive Assure is an American company that offers diving insurance worldwide. Further policy features include

  • Medical expenses cover
  • Emergency evacuation cover
  • Hyperbaric treatments

There are two types of cover namely Gold and Platinum. Both polices are superb with Platinum offering higher sums on pay-out (this is the main difference) but read on to see what you think!

Gold and Platinum Policy Features

  • Emergency medical and evacuation expenses
  • Accidental death and disability
  • Loss of personal diving equipment
  • Repatriation of remains
  • Flight and accommodation expenses incurred
  • No depth limit

Live Aboard Trips

This policy cover offers what it says on the tin in that divers who are living aboard a vessel during their diving holiday will require a slightly different cover. Policy features include

  • Missing your live aboard departure due to flight delays
  • Lost diving days due to bad weather
  • Lost diving days due to mechanical failure of the vessel
  • Lost diving days due to breakdown of air supply
  • Lost diving days due to financial default of live aboard company
  • Lost diving days due to the diver's medical inability to dive
  • Lost diving days due to the cancellation of dive due to indisposition of another diver


Policies offered at Dive Assure are varied meaning there is surely one to suit most divers' needs. Divers are advised to have separate travel insurance policy as well as their diving insurance policy. An online quote is available from the website.