Caravan Insurance Advice: Important Tips for Buying Caravan Insurance in the UK

With all of the other expenses UK residents have to cover is it any wonder so many seriously consider not purchasing insurance to protect their caravans? Yet proper caravan coverage is very important in a day and age when more and more people are purchasing them.

According to Adrian Flux, a caravan insurance policy is not a legal acquirement. However, it is still a good idea nonetheless. Regardless of whether your caravan is stationary or mobile, you are taking an inherent risk of financial loss due to things like fire, theft, accident, and acts of nature. Considering the cost of your caravan and its contents, it is probably not a risk worth taking.

Insurance for Your Stationary Caravan

Owners of stationary caravans are using them as permanent holiday dwellings, usually situated in communal parks. On occasion, an owner will park the caravan on his own private property away from other caravan owners. In either case, these caravans are exposed to the same inherent risks of fire, theft, and nature that traditional homes are subject to.

Caravan Insurance Advice

Park Home Assist Insurance Services is an example of a UK company offering insurance to owners of stationary caravans. Basic policies can cover just the contents of the caravan while policies that are more comprehensive can cover the entire structure itself. Determining how much risk you are willing to take will influence your decision regarding the type of policy you purchase.

A typical insurance policy for a stationary caravan will include public liability, contents, and cover for holiday lets. The liability portion protects caravan owners from any liability issues resulting from the use of their caravan or the property it sits on. Contents cover is self-explanatory while holiday lets cover protects owners from different types of financial loss that might be suffered from letting their caravan out to others.

Insurance for Your Touring Caravan

If you are the owner of a touring caravan, it is much more important for you to consider an insurance policy. Why? Because driving your caravan over the road increases the risk of accident and financial loss. In the event of an accident you cause, there could be further liability issues to deal with.

Like car insurance policies, caravan insurance for a touring model typically comes with some basic components. Among them will be liability insurance to pay for financial losses stemming from the property you damage or injury you cause to other people. Most touring caravan policies also cover personal possessions, accidental damage, freezer contents, and emergency accommodations.

It is important when comparing policies for touring caravans to make sure you know the details. Nothing is worse than having to file an accident claim only to discover that you misunderstood what you were entitled to. Not having enough insurance could lead you into financial straits in the event of a claim.

New for Old Cover

A number of insurance companies in the UK offer what is known as "new for old" cover. New for old cover is the equivalent of what is known in the United States as "replacement value" insurance. This type of cover pays to repair or replace your caravan and its contents at a level equivalent to what it would cost at current retail prices. New for old cover is usually only available for caravans less than 10 years old.

Older caravans will typically be insured on an actual cash value basis. This type of insurance takes into account depreciation and current market conditions to determine how much your caravan is worth on the open market. Whatever that amount is then that is the maximum that the policy pays out in the event of a claim. While you do not get as much cover with this type of policy, it does cost a little bit more.

If your caravan is too old for new for old cover, you can at least purchase additional insurance to make up for limited cover. However, keep in mind this only adds money to your monthly premiums; money you may not recover if you never file a claim.

Buying Your Caravan Insurance

The Caravan Club offers several helpful tips caravan owners can employ when searching for an insurance policy. You might want to check them out before deciding on your own purchase. The Caravan Club suggests caravan owners:

  • Obtain Multiple Quotes - No insurance company offers a perfect policy at the perfect price. It comes down to comparing one policy with the next to find out which company is giving you the overall best value. Without a line-by-line comparison of multiple policies, there is really no way to ensure you are getting the best deal.

Along those same lines, caravan owners also want to compare the levels of cover provided by each policy option. Often the detail of each type of cover is where you will find the biggest differences between providers. Be smart and do not brush over the details.

  • Talk to Friends and Relatives - It has been said that the best form of advertising is a satisfied customer. That is true in all types of businesses, including insurance. The Caravan Club suggests caravan owners talk to their friends and relatives to find out what their insurance experiences have been like. You can learn a good amount about individual insurance companies this way.
  • Ask about Discounts - Discounts are available for caravan insurance but you will most likely have to request them. Unfortunately, some insurance companies are not going to go out of their way to provide the information without being asked.
  • Consider Higher Voluntary Excess - If you want to keep your premiums as low as possible consider accepting a higher voluntary excess payment. The higher you are willing to go, the less your premium will cost.


If you are a caravan owner then you need to make sure you have adequate insurance in place. Caravan insurance is not as expensive as you might think, and it will become extremely valuable should you ever need to make a claim. Do not be stuck suffering financial loss from fire, theft, and acts of nature; purchase an adequate caravan insurance policy right away.

If you need insurance for your caravan these websites provide a variety of policies for touring and static caravans, park homes, and tent trailers.

Safe Guard - A Leeds-based business specializing in caravan insurance. They have been around for 25 years and boast a customer satisfaction rate of 93%.

Caravan Wise - Caravan Wise offers insurance for both static and touring caravans starting at just £85. Discounts are available for members of some caravan and owners clubs.

Camping and Caravanning Club - This club is the largest camping and caravanning club in the UK with 500,000 members. Among the services they offer is their caravan insurance available for both touring and static caravans.

Caravan Guard - When you get a quote from Caravan Guard you're dealing with a company that has received a five star rating from Defaqto. On this website, you can find insurance for caravans, motor homes, and tent trailers.

Simple Caravan Insurance - Get quotes for three different types of cover on either your static or touring caravan. You can save as much as 40% by using this website.

Cover4Caravans - At Cover4Caravans you can get insurance for your caravan, motor home, or park home. Rates start as low as £53.

Adrian Flux - Here you can get quotes for your caravan quickly and easily. Adrian Flux provides several different kinds of cover with the promise of low prices and a no hassle guarantee.

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